1997 – 2010 Corvette TRANZILLA Magnum

1997 – 2010 Corvette TRANZILLA Muscle Car Magnum

Whether you race your Corvette, attend a few track days or simple enjoy driving a favorite piece of road, switching to a T-56 Magnum Tranzilla will transform how your car drives. Smooth shifts, optimized gear ratios including a special close- ratio option equate to quick, consistent lap times. These Corvette Magnum Tranzillas are available with 27- or 30-spline main shafts and an optional pressurized lubrication system.



  • 850Lb/Ft Torque Capacity
  • Magnum Shafts & Gears
  • Triple Cone Synchros
  • Carbon Fiber Synchros
  • 5 Ratios Available